The World Loves a Broken Africa

Liberian child soldier

“From laptops to cell phones, cars to airplanes, all kinds of everyday products are made using minerals that come from Africa. It’s no exaggeration to say that the world depends on Africa’s natural resources.” – HOW AFRICA’S RESOURCES FUEL THE WORLD – CNN MARKETPLACE AFRICA

 Would it be too far fetched for me to assume that the world benefits from a broken Africa? If I was even so bold as to imply that an Africa in turmoil bodes well for a world economy that is sustained in part by the exploitation of  her resources, would you accuse me of political and economic blasphemy? If I stated that our corrupt African governments and leaders are nothing more than pawns in a game that nourishes their greed in exchange for their country’s riches and soul, would you dismiss my assessment as nothing more than the rantings of a conspiracy theorist? And If I boldly stated that some people would rather see an Africa in pieces than an Africa at peace, would you tell me I was wrong?

One doesn’t need to look any further than the passages of history to understand my sentiments. From the times of Egypt and the conquest of Alexander, to the injustice of slavery and the exploitative nature of colonization, certain elements within this world of ours have devoted and dedicated their time, money, policies, and military resources to sustain a fragmented and developmentally stagnant Africa. Whether its imperialist Europe dividing her up amongst themselves, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund holding her economies hostage, the United Nations giving Africa insignificant positions in its power structure, or China’s dubious dealings with corrupt leaders, Africa’s dysfunction and economic woes—although sometimes self-inflicted at the hands of corrupt governments and dictators—have been a result of foreign meddling and exploitation.

What I proclaim may seem delusional, but an honest and unbiased mind will grasp what I’m trying to say. A stable Africa would cause a dynamic shift in the global economy. You think of Africa’s resources—oil, diamonds, gold, land, manpower, and so much more—and you begin to understand why an unstable Africa benefits those world markets and economies that continue to thrive. An organized and resurgent Africa would tilt the balance of power economically and politically. In control of their own resources, African nations would become influential on the global playground as they become the cool kid everyone wants to play with, and not the outcasts they used to be.

The world is always evolving. superpowers rise and fall and new ones take their place. From the Egyptian Empire to the Romans, the British to the Russian, the United States of America to China, history is always a good indicator of what is to come. While India is seen as the next superpower, Africa as a continent, and in the right hands, could surpass all expectations and exceed and outperform expectations.


Kwapi Vengesayi

FB: @kwapivengesayi | Twitter: @kwapiv | IG: @kwapiv


One thought on “The World Loves a Broken Africa

  1. Great post! Something that’s hard to swallow. This is why Americans need to travel more (and why I do)…we’d actually see what is happening in these places and thus realize what bullshit is fed to us by our government and media. It’d also take the focus of ourselves and the state of our economy and government, instead of constantly being self-obsessive, which I think would actually solve a lot of America’s problems!

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