My TEDx Talk On Entertainment & Activism

Outline: Like a toddler roaming through the aisles of a Toys-R-Us, the younger generation is often accused of having a short attention span. Consumed by the many distractions that light up our mobile devices and television screens, we can’t help but be complacent and lose focus of things that should be of more importance such as being more aware, active and engaged on campus and in our communities. How then has something like the Shades of Black Show managed to become a great example of student activism and engagement? Be it through a show that has become one of the biggest multicultural productions in the region or my other projects, what approach to activism has allowed me and those I mentor or work with to present social commentary in a unique, engaging and entertaining way.

Biography: Zimbabwean by birth, Kwapi Vengesayi graduated from the University of Idaho where he studied Architecture and Sociology. He has over 10 years experience working with, and consulting for, universities, cultural groups and other individuals and organizations on issues, initiatives and events related to civil rights, diversity and inclusion.  Vengesayi is also the creator and executive producer of the regionally acclaimed and award-winning social commentary production, the Shades of Black Show. In addition, he has written two Amazon category bestsellers, the second being ranked #1 in two categories: Romance & Relationships and Social Science.

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