Why Are People Protesting?

As I meander through my social media feeds, I’m starting to think that a lot of people misunderstand or mischaracterize the idea of boycotts/marches/protests etc. Its not always hate or negativity that fuels them. So its very unfair and disingenuous to berate or chastise those who are protesting when Trump himself encouraged the same thing when Obama was in office.

The beauty of being American is that you can support your president and still show him/her that you are not giving them a blank check to do what they want, especially in an election where him/her did not win majority of the vote. I say all this objectively.

And so to answer the question, why do people march/boycott/protest etc? They do it to (a) create solidarity among each other (b) and in relation to Trump specifically: to show they disagree with a president’s platform and policies and that that president know that he represents them as well and not just those who vote for him (especially when majority of the country didn’t: Clinton beat Trump by 3 million votes).

Protests, marches, boycotts etc are as American as apple pie. To exercise that right doesn’t make one less patriotic or less supportive of a president. Its just a way one chooses to exercise their voice. Trump is dealing with this protest, Obama dealt with the Tea Party protests, Bush dealt with Code Pink and anti-war stuff etc. Every president has. It doesn’t mean people hated them. As long as people are nonviolent (an unfortunate and disgusting habit of some) and no one threatens the life of the president (Obama had the most threats of any president in US history), protests and people always speaking truth to power is the America way, its in the DNA of this country, and that is a beautiful thing. Everyone should, and I think most do, want their president to succeed and do well for all, because their failure affects everyone.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

FB: @kwapivengesayi | IG: @kwapiv | SC: @kwapiv  |  Twitter: @kwapiv

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