7 Reasons This Book Might Be for You

Now, this is for those people still on the fence about whether they want to buy this book or not. For one reason or another, you’re teetering, and everything I’ve done so far has been engaging enough to keep you curious (after all, you are reading this). But, you still need just a little bit more convincing; in need of just that little extra nudge that will make you say, “Screw it, I’m buying it.” So here it is: 7 Reasons This Book Might Be for You.

  1. If your love life is full of false starts and futile attempts at relationships, and you continuously struggle to seem to figure what you’re doing wrong or what you should be doing better, this might be the book for you.
  2. The Kindle version of this book is cheaper than a tall white chocolate mocha at Starbucks, and the paperback costs less than a Starbucks turkey pesto panini and the venti salted caramel mocha you’ll need to wash it all down with. And so, if you’re into sweet deals and getting real value for your money, this might be the perfect book for you.
  3. If conversations about race, sexuality, gender, and religion make you squeamish and uncomfortable, but you are eager to understand the issues more, or want to communicate them to others with more command, this might be the book for you.
  4. If you like books that are easy to read, long enough to feel substantive, but short enough not to be overwhelming and feel like they drag on forever, this might be the book for you.
  5. If you feel the world is a fucked-up place, and you’re looking for hope, and even more so, searching for that feeling of empowerment that lets you know YOU can make a difference, this might be the book for you.
  6. If you have friends and family you’re tired of giving the same love and life advice repeatedly, this might be the book for them.
  7. If you enjoy reading witty, engaging, and thought-provoking stories, this might be the book for you. Zimbabwean by birth, African oral tradition has left a deep-rooted impression on my writing and storytelling style. My words exhibit and paint a picture of an in-depth understanding and appreciation of one of the most important tenets of African oral tradition: every story should have a moral.

Why did I stop at 7 reasons and not 10? I could have easily given more, but as I got to the end of number 7 I realized, if these weren’t enough, then perhaps, this might not be the book for you.

Make sure you read the Amazon reviews if you’re in doubt.

To get your copy, CLICK HERE

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