What’s wrong with love, today? (Part 2)

What’s wrong with love, today? So desperate to find it, some of us stopped being patient. In our haste to be in a relationship, we either scared the good ones away, because we wanted too much too fast, or we sprinted into the arms of someone we barely knew, and now, we’re miserable.

What’s wrong with love, today? In this age of online dating, overwhelmed by options, a lot of us avoid commitment and exclusivity. We stopped taking the time to nurture the relationship in front of us, began to hesitate giving our full attention to one person, and got distracted by our insatiable desire to shop around and see what else is out there before we commit.

What’s wrong with love, today? We don’t know how to get to know someone. We don’t know how to ask the questions that matter, and we don’t know how to give answers that speak from the heart. We are too quick to judge the truths that others share, and we are too secretive and cryptic to express our own openly.

What’s wrong with love, today? Some of us stopped being ourselves and tried to be who we thought the other person wanted us to be. But if we can’t be honest with ourselves, then how do we expect to be honest in love? And if the ones we love can’t accept us for who we really are, then are they really the ones for us?

What’s wrong with love, today? We became obsessed with checklists for the things we want people to offer us in relationships, instead of using that same energy to focus on what we bring to the table. For things such as trust, loyalty, support, and honesty, some of us demanded more from others than we were willing to give.

What’s wrong with love, today? People stopped trying to bring out the best in each other. Instead of pushing our companions to be the best they can be, we let our jealousy and insecurities smother their aspirations, hold back their potential, and shatter their dreams because we were afraid they would become too good for us.

What’s wrong with love, today? We lost the strength to walk away. We lost the strength to let go when we knew we’d been holding onto someone who’s bad for us and the strength to let someone go when we realized we were the reason the relationship was bad.

What’s wrong with love, today? Through all the false starts, unhealthy relationships, and broken hearts, we forgot to take the time to learn the lessons these encounters left us, heal, and find ourselves again. Because of this, we kept falling in love when we weren’t ready to love again and falling in love with the wrong people, once we were ready. Sometimes, we have to understand what went wrong to know how to get it right in the next relationship; sometimes, we have to understand who we are and who we need to be to recognize and appreciate the person we should be with.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

Kwapi Vengesayi is an Amazon four-time bestselling author and all his books are Available on Amazon.



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