God Told Me To Marry You!

One of my lady friends once told me the funniest story. She said there were two good, Christian men trying to date her, and both of them on separate occasions had claimed that God told them she would be their wife.

“So God told BOTH of them the same thing?” she asked rhetorically.

A husband and three beautiful children later, she is happily married now, but to neither of the two. Ironically, one of them is happily married to someone else. So did God get it wrong? or its the intentions of those that brought God into it that were wrong?

You see, what her and I found interesting was how some people, whether subconsciously or intentionally, use “God” to push and legitimize their agenda, biases, or desires. Be it a guy trying to get the girl, a politician trying to push a platform, a pastor trying to get money from parishioners, or a religious zealot committing atrocities in the name of God (a god), human beings have an annoying habit of saying God spoke to them in an effort to legitimize their own agendas.

There is nothing wrong with having a relationship with God or believing that God speaks to you, the problem is when you use your “Conversation with God” to bully, influence, or control someone else: how they live their life, who they love, marry, pray to, give their money to, vote for etc.


Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

FB: @kwapivengesayi | IG: @kwapiv | SC: @kwapiv  |  Twitter: @kwapiv

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