The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned in Activism

We all learn different lessons as activists and come to different conclusions based on our experiences and observations. The biggest lesson I’ve learned through it all is to pace yourself and be deliberate in what you say and what you do: it’s better to be proactive, okay to be reactionary, but in either of those situations, never be impulsive. Activism is a long game, and if you get sucked into the emotion of single moments, you will burn out because every day provides you with something to react to; something that makes your heart ache or blood boil.

For me, activism is about accepting that you won’t change the world today, but if you toil at a patient and deliberate tempo, you can work towards a better tomorrow. That approach can sometimes make you feel as if you’re not having an impact, but in those moments of doubt, never underestimate your contribution because that self doubt will be detrimental to your cause.



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