BOOK RELEASE: Her Name Was Zimbabwe


The most ancient African stories, legends, tales and tidbits of cultural heritage were passed down to us through word of mouth. From generation to generation, the history of our triumphs and failures, hopes and fears were passed down through stories that embraced one of the most important tenets of African oral tradition: every story should have a moral.

Her Name Was Zimbabwe: Finding Hope, Strength and Courage through the Struggle is a touching short story and conversation about Zimbabwe. It is a story that celebrates Zimbabwe’s beauty, while reflecting on her pain—a story about struggle and finding hope, a story about feeling powerless and finding strength.

Three-time Amazon bestselling author, Kwapi Vengesayi, returns with this openhearted, unflinching, and unapologetic piece of Zimbabwean sociopolitical commentary that is both inspiring and empowering.

The book is available exclusively on Amazon.



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