Why I Cheered for France at the World Cup even Though I’m Not French

I joke that the French team is representing Africa, but here is my real reason for my obsession.

The French soccer team represents something beautiful to me: it’s a team full of diverse immigrant stories that show the world,  politicians, and even the French citizens themselves, the wonderful and often understated contributions of the immigrants we often vilify and scapegoat.

In a country that has dealt with multiple terrorist attacks over the years, the urge and tendency to want to ostracize the immigrant has been weaponized by some politicians and has undoubtedly consumed the hearts of some. But for the open-minded and open-hearted, for those not held hostage by fear but rather always choose hope, this French team shows a more positive representation of who the French are or strive to be: a country that embraces the immigrant, acknowledges and celebrates their contributions, and rightfully reaps the rewards.

This French team reminds us ALL of something that has been forgotten in this political global climate we’re in, and I hope this moment’s lesson echoes across the globe and to many of our leaders who stoke the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment.



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