Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, and the Absence of the Native American

I’ve loved seeing the Black and Asian community get some much deserved attention with Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, and I’m certain there is something with an all Hispanic cast, director and story in the works, but the Native American representation, compared to other marginalized groups, in front of and behind the camera is shockingly absent and some would say, disrespectful. To be so underrepresented in American pop-culture, politics etc, in a country in which you are it’s true indigenous inhabitants and people, is wrong.

We need to do better!

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

FB: @kwapivengesayi | IG: @kwapiv | SC: @kwapiv | Twitter: @kwapiv

From Kwapi Vengesayi‘s book, Men Cheat More, Women Cheat Better: Stories and Conversations About Love, Life and Everything in Between (2017) Available on Amazon




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