Laws of Attraction: A Lesson in Courtship

Her beauty was as refreshing as the sweet orchid scented fragrance of a crisp summer morning as droplets of crystal clear dew rested on the blades of luscious green grass. Her smile was like a snapshot in time, so simple, yet heaven sent. She was never without a suitor. Men were quick to confess their love and devotion to her happiness. Politely she would decline because she had heard and seen it all before, men who pretend to be knights in shining armor when all they really have on is tin foil.

But there were two men that stood out to her—me and him. If every fairytale needs a villain, he was my nemesis. I fought to win her heart. He fought to conquer her body. And so, like a princess looking out from her castle window, she watched as two princes jousted and battled for her affection and attention.

She said, “May the better man win,” but when the dust had settled, it was the lesser man she named the victor. I walked away. Wounded, I faded into the distance corners of her mind. I became nothing more than a distant thought as the villain conquered her body and laid claim to her heart.

Happily ever after is never guaranteed. The future she thought she had with him never came to be. He left her shattered Some would say she gave too much too soon—mind, body and heart. I would disagree and say, “There is nothing wrong with giving. Her only fault was giving to the wrong person.”

You can’t help who you’re attracted to, and sometimes our shallow tendencies overrule our common sense. Some would say it was karma for breaking my heart. I would disagree and say, “Everybody deserves to be loved and all she did was pick who she thought she could be in love with. Sadly it wasn’t me.”

We all learn different lessons when it comes to our encounters with love. Through her agony, what I had hoped she would learn more than anything is that love can cause you pain, but it can heal you too. Endure the heartache but never lose hope that you’ll find love again.

The lessons I learned were a bit different. I learned that the laws of attraction are at times unkind. You never fancy the one that fancies you, and the one you fancy the most doesn’t fancy you at all. The laws of attraction can be ambiguous. Do you give up at the first sign of rejection or you try again one more time to make sure they are sure?  The laws of attraction are so subjective. Every situation is different, and as a result this inconsistency, how can you succeed in a race whose rules are always changing? Courtship is a vicious game indeed. Those who deserve to win are never guaranteed the victory and those who deserve to lose always walk away with the prize.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

Kwapi Vengesayi is an Amazon bestselling author whose books explore captivating musings and thought-provoking conversations about love, relationships, life and our human experience. You can find his book on Amazon. You can also follow him on Twitter @kwapiv or subscribe to his blog at

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