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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): How To Protect Yourself and Others

This information is taken directly from the World Health Organization’s website. And to get more information and updates on the disease I would strongly advice you visit their page: World Health Organization: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Advice for Public.

But for this who want quick tips and tricks on how to keep yourself and others safe, the images below will be very helpful. You will notice that what they express is just great advice for any disease and hygiene in general, be it the coronavirus, cholera, the flu or any other contagious disease.


If you suspect an outbreak in your area, stay clear of others to keep them safe, and notify the nearest health and emergency officials in your area. And of course, if you show signs and symptoms of your own, seek medical attention.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

Kwapi Vengesayi is an Amazon bestselling author whose books explore captivating musings and thought-provoking conversations about love, relationships, life and our human experience. You can find his book on Amazon. You can also follow him on Twitter @kwapiv or subscribe to his blog at

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