Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Everything Will Be Okay

If you have friends and family that are panicked, please reassure them that things will be okay. I’ve seen poorer countries survive it all, I should know, I lived in one. I lived through two cholera epidemics in my childhood. Many people died, as a direct result of the sickness, and secondarily, inaccessibility to healthcare.

Fear is a powerful thing, especially for many who live in communities and places that have never been directly impacted by nature’s power–drought, earthquakes, disease, tornadoes, tsunami, hurricanes etc. But, worse than nature’s forces, its our reaction to them that often times make or break us as communities, nations and species.

The most destructive thing in this situation is selfish panick. People resort to self-preservation rather than selflessness and coming together. But I have also seen the best of us in these moments: measured calm, contagious hope and overwhelming kindness. Be a reflection of the kindness, hope and calm the world needs right now.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

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Kwapi Vengesayi is an Amazon bestselling author whose books explore captivating musings and thought-provoking conversations about love, relationships, life and our human experience. You can find his book on Amazon. You can also follow him on Twitter @kwapiv or subscribe to his blog at

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