Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Eat Well, Sleep Well and Exercise (at home)

This is not just good advice to follow during this COVID-19 epidemic, but good advice to follow at any point in time and life. In addition to good hygiene, the steps below play a very big roll in staying healthy both physically and mentally.

As a simple rule, live the healthiest and most hygienic life you can given the resources you have.

Eat well: While understanding that we all do not have access to all the best and healthiest food out there, eat as healthy as you can. And also take your multivitamins if you have them, not as a substitute for healthy eating, but as something complementary to it.

Sleep well: Get good sleep and rest. Its no secret that there is a direct connect between good sleep and great health, and many studies show how lack of adequate sleep can have a negative impact on your physical well-being, especially when trying to ward off disease and illness.

Exercise (at home): In this gym obsessed world we live in, many forget you can easily workout at home, and you don’t need equipment to do so. From push-ups to sit-ups, squats to burpees, there is a lot you can do.

Sincerely, Kwapi Vengesayi

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