Love and Com•mu•ni•ca•tion

Some people shout and scream while others ignore and give the cold shoulder.  Some talk too much while others don’t talk enough. Some people choose their words terribly while others are just bad listeners. Some finally snap because they held something in for too long while others just always pick the wrong time to bring things up. Suffice it to say, it’s a spider web of miscommunication, both verbal and nonverbal, that tends to plague a lot of couples and doom relationships.

One can never underestimate the value of communication in every aspect of our lives. When it comes to romance in particular, its importance can never be overstated. Without healthy and effective communication, things such love, trust and honesty become vulnerable as the stress the mind and heart endure starts to mess with you. I’ve learned that communication works best when its open, sincere, and honest. It can be used to express hurt and anger, but when misused, it’s just hurtful, vindictive, and spiteful. It works best when people are not talking over each other, but are listening and having a dialogue with each other.  As for the silent treatment; it’s manipulative, cruel, and ineffective. At best, it agitates the other person who’s being subjected to it, and at its worst, can be directed at someone who didn’t deserved it.

Communication is not just about saying what’s on your mind, it’s about choosing the right way to say it. It’s not just about speaking and being heard, but also about being able to sincerely listen to what someone else has to express. How we listen, as well as how we choose to express ourselves and emote those thoughts and feelings to the one we care about and love, sets the tone of how things in that relationship will unfold soon after.



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