My name is Kwapi and I am a father, social commentary connoisseur, Amazon bestselling author, guest speaker, and an all round good guy meandering through this beautiful but complicated thing called life hoping to make a difference along the way.

Amazon Bestselling Author

Zimbabwean by birth, African oral tradition has left a deep-rooted impression on my writing and storytelling style. It exhibits and paints a picture of in-depth understanding and appreciation of one of the most important tenets of African oral tradition: every story should have a moral.

You can find my books on Amazon: Click Here. Make sure to checkout the reviews.

This New Dad: Journey with Me into Parenthood

This New Dad details my first-time father jitters and the many steps and resources I discovered along the way to set my anxieties and step into fatherhood with confidence. From personal anecdotes to product reviews, I hope this site does for you what many of the things I share did for me: provide piece of mind.

Creator and Executive Producer of the award-winning Shades of Black Show

I am also creator of the award-winning multicultural showcase, the Shades of Black Show, a showcase that ran for 15 years and explored and celebrated the diversity and inclusion through the performing arts. Some of the show’s talent went on to sign to major record labels, feature on shows like The Voice and tour with artists such as Ariana Grande and more.

My Podcast: It’s Complicated, But I’ll Explain

A witty, candid and hilarious space where we share captivating stories and have engaging conversations about those often nuanced things related to our diverse human experiences, from the petty to the profound, the mundane to the extraordinary.

Coming August 2020