Is monogamy a Selfish Institution?

During an interview in June 2015, Jada Pinkett Smith once again attempted to clarify her and Will Smith’s ‘open marriage.’ Do they have an ‘open marriage?’ Her response: “Here’s what I trust: The man that Will is, a man of integrity […] He’s got all the freedom in the world… as long as Will can […]

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Love Hurts

She said, “Love lasts no longer than a moment. Like footprints in a desert storm, its swept away by the winds of circumstance and indifference.  The tears that we shed soon after flow endlessly into rivers of heartache and agony as you wonder why someone you cared about so much could leave you feeling this […]

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Her Name Was Zimbabwe: Finding Hope, Strength and Courage through the Struggle

 An openhearted, unflinching, and unapologetic piece of Zimbabwean sociopolitical commentary. The most ancient African stories, legends, tales and tidbits of cultural heritage were passed down to us through word of mouth. From generation to generation, the history of our triumphs and failures, hopes and fears were passed down through stories that embraced one of the […]

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What Rejection Taught Me

“I think you’re cool and all, but I don’t get any romantic vibes between us.” I average about three of those conversations a year. Sometimes, I am the rejector and, in others, the rejected. Whichever side you’re on in the conversation, rejection can be a bitch, but through it all, I’ve come to learn a […]

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To My Unborn Child

Of all the treasures I’ve ever held in my arms, I’m certain you’re the one thing that I’ll love the most.  Beyond flesh, beyond blood, you’re my heart and soul; the true manifestation of my everything and all. Whether you are my biological child, adopted child, or stepchild—whichever way you come into my world—know that […]

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Is Marriage Obsolete?

I don’t think we need to throw out the concept of marriage. We could just use a few fundamentals… In less than 50 years we have dismantled the family unit. Gender roles have become ambiguous. This is without a doubt a triumph for human rights. Women have more liberties than at any other point in […]

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