Bigfoot is Real

Suppose Bigfoot was more than just a cryptozoological creature. Suppose he was a symbol of human intrigue, imagination, and our tenacious pursuit of the unknown—a metaphor for the elusive nature of our personal pursuits and our journey towards self-discovery, would that change your perspective on life? We are all in search of something. For some, […]

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What Rejection Taught Me

“I think you’re cool and all, but I don’t get any romantic vibes between us.” I used to average about three of those conversations a year. Sometimes, I was the rejector and, in others, the rejected. Whichever side you’re on in the conversation, rejection can be a bitch, but through it all, I’ve come to […]

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Autographed Copy Pricing

Once you figure out the book(s) you want and who you want them autographed to Contact me and I send you an invoice. Books are signed and shipped (tracking number included) after payment has been provided. All prices include shipping and handling. the bundle Buy the 3 Book Bundle for just $34.00 and get a […]

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Divorce: One-Year Later

“I found a place. I’m moving out.” “Okay.” “Are we done?” “Yes, I think so.” Silence. It was Christmas day. After nearly seven years of marriage, we could not find a way to work together. We were both defeated with nothing left in the tank to even discuss the issues we had to solve, let […]

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Voices Take Me Back Home

I remember hearing the voice yelling. I don’t remember what he said, probably something to do with toughening up and running the ball better or how he still played with a broken foot, something as equally macho, I’m sure.  Of all the voices I hear in my head, that one is still the clearest. It’s the […]

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