It’s Complicated, But I’ll Explain

This witty, candid and frequently hilarious podcast shares captivating stories, motivating anecdotes and engaging conversations about those often nuanced topics related to our diverse human experiences.

From love and relationships to politics and social issues, from life and our day-to-day observations to pop culture and entertainment, subscribe and join me and some amazing guests as we try to make sense of it all and attempt to drop some wisdom along the way.

Podcast Premieres in September 2020

Format: This podcast is published in two different formats, the 10-minute Short Casts and the 30-minute Regular.

  • 10-minute Short: The short session is hosted by Kwapi Vengesayi and is a monologue or rant exploring a topic of his choosing.
  • 30-minute Regular: The regular is a discussion/conversational episode featuring Kwapi and invited guests  from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences.