Speaker & Consultant

Kwapi Vengesayi is a versatile, dedicated, and passionate hardworking professional, with extensive experience in community engagement and outreach, event planning and coordination, and student programming and mentoring.

Vengesayi currently works as a Public Engagement Producer for a leading-edge nonprofit organization, dedicated to the ideas and risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture.

As a speaker and consultant, he has offered services to various groups and individuals in the region including, but limited to, After-School All-Stars (Puget Sound), Oregon & SW Washington Igbo Youth, Idaho Representative Paulette Jordan campaign, JUMP Boise and Center for Behavioral Health (Boise). He also continues to diversity and inclusion resource to institutions of higher learning by lecturing students and providing workshops at various regional universities such as Boise State University, Gonzaga University School of Law, the University of Idaho and Washington State University.

Kwapi Vengesayi has worked with students from different universities and organizations throughout the region. His mentorship, workshops and speaking engagements are mainly focused on student involvement and empowerment with an emphasis on community building, diversity and inclusion. Be it creating a new multicultural program/showcase or revitalizing an existing one, working on a social awareness campaign or learning how to harness the power of social media, Vengesayi endeavors to share his knowledge and expertise with regards to program conceptualization and development, engagement and impact.

Past Examples of Mentorship Projects & Speaking Engagements:

Boise State University :”Lets All Grow Together”

Kwapi Vengesayi applied solid expertise as a consultant in the LeaderShape’s Palmer Award winning “Let’s All Grow Together” and ” Fearless” video produced by Boise State University students.

The regionally acclaimed and award-winning Shades of Black Show

Using voices and talent from different universities and the local community, the show explores and celebrities issues related to diversity, acceptance and inclusion through dance, poetry, song and other forms of the performing arts. The Shades of Black Show continues to live up to its reputation as phenomenal space for self-expression as it strives to give people an opportunity to express who they are and how their own identity, experiences, and observations relate to their surroundings and society as a whole.

The Art of Activistic Entertainment | Kwapi Vengesayi | TEDxUIdaho

Like a toddler roaming through the aisles of a Toys-R-Us, the younger generation is often accused of having a short attention span. Consumed by the many distractions that light up our mobile devices and television screens, we can’t help but be complacent and lose focus of things that should be of more importance such as being more aware, active and engaged on campus and in our communities.

Kwapi Presents Series:

Kwapi Presents is a series that tries to spotlight some of the work students are doing on their campuses and in their community.