One Day, Love Got Lazy

One day, love got lazy. It went from being four page, handwritten, ink-stained declarations of love, to text message courtships, and DM slides. One day love became obsessed with materialism and superficial cravings; relationships started to be defined by our preoccupation with money, looks, and status. One day love became possessive, and instead of holding […]

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Glad It Happened, But Happy It’s Over

Like battle weary veterans, she and I would exchange love stories. Bruised and scarred by love’s many encounters, we would tell tales of how we endured in times of disappointment and heartache. These were often intriguing conversations that would sometimes spiral into bizarre but profound observations and epiphanies. Because you see, for every kiss, there […]

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Monogamy is a Selfish Institution

During an interview in June 2015, Jada Pinkett Smith once again attempted to clarify her and Will Smith’s ‘open marriage.’ Do they have an ‘open marriage?’ Her response: “Here’s what I trust: The man that Will is, a man of integrity […] He’s got all the freedom in the world… as long as Will can […]

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Men Are Great Pretenders

Men are the hunters and women are the hunted. Crawling through the foliage of courtship, we camouflage our intentions and blend into the landscape of your expectations and desires. We are great pretenders. Like actors on a stage, we fake emotions and recite beautifully rehearsed lines that sooth and woo you. Like an army laying […]

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